Skin Care Guide

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Cosmetic Lab is a step-by-step guide formulation to make high-end skincare serums, creams, and scrubs with 100% plant-based ingredients. Also, users can find information on the properties and recommended doses in the formulation of 100% natural ingredients: vegetable oils, essential oils, extracts, vegetable butter, emulsifiers, hydrolases, active ingredients, preservatives, and vitamins.

When I'm not designing, I love to study the formulation of skin care products. Last year I decided to launch my own app about natural cosmetics and I created this web app entirely, from content, design, and No-Code development.

Launch project
Formulas categorized by their function on the skin
Table of groups of ingredients used for the formulation of natural cosmetics
Search for ingredients within the same category
Tips and good practices for the formulation of cosmetics
Step-by-step guide formulation to make high-end skincare productos
Ingredient sheets with properties, skin type, recommended dosage in formulation...
User profile to save favorite recipes and ingredients
Article on formulation of cosmetic products

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