About me

I have more thant 15+ years designing consumer products as Product Designer in the fields of Music, Cinema, Lifestyle, Sports, Wellness, Bank, Technology, Fashion and Food.

I started at a music agency as a Web Designer & Flash Developer. I feel old when I have to explain that Flash & ActionScript language were luxury tools for developing websites with video and animations; but the smartphone came to stay in our lives, so simply it disappeared by the back-door. This music agency was my school; working mainly for Heineken España, sponsor of national festivals (Fib, Jazzaldia, FestiMad, MetroRock...), I was responsible for design the Club Heineken and a lot of websites, as well as digital & print promotional materials.

After 5 years, I wanted to try in advertising agencies, so next 5 years, I was at several agencies (La Despensa, Shackleton, Netthink) working for brands such as Coca-Cola, Adidas, Vodafone among others. The most exciting and complicate project that I made was design the official website of "Agora", film by Amenábar (Mod Producciones); I can say that made the Art Direction was the big challenge of my career.

My last work into "the agency world" was as a Creative Director at a digital production company. We supported other agencies that did not have digital teams, delivering brand strategies based on mobile and web applications, redesign experiences to create new sources of value and digitally reinvent operations.

After that, I needed a big change, so I started as a Freelance Product Designer coinciding with the "startups boom". I worked for national and international startups to prototype all kinds of products: from an application for hunting (being today almost vegan, I am ashamed to admit this), an Airbnb type boat rentals, other for medical appointments, a digital football community, a several social networks, another to looking for available car parking on street, or for discovering contents and news by users tags... among too many others.

And I say "prototype" because unfortunately most of the products that I designed for those times, stayed in just only nice prototypes. It was common that startups request a design service with unclear business strategy, or not understanding what is a MVP and why is so important to launch a product fast for testing it with real-users. Try if your idea is needed and loved, and with data, spend more time and money on it.

Since 2017, I am a Lead Product Designer at Stay App. I love this company because always is growing; each month there are new functionalities to design, and most of the time, it is a big Ux challenger. It keep me active and motivated. Also, I collaborate punctually with other companies, always with focus on mobile experiences.

Recently I have launched my own product, Cosmetic Lab, an app about skin care formulations based on natural and vegan ingredients (other of my passions, as well as interaction design).

If you want to know more about my works and experiencie, check my LinkedIn and Behance or drop me a message.

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